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Post  Jhogo on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:55 am

Welcome at the forum of Equinox Alliance cheers

You want to join us? Be part of our activities like run and farm dungeons? Hunt the world bosses like Shing, Phoenix, Ape and Drake with us? Participate in TW? Become a member of our friendly and funny community? Awesome! Then please start a new topic here, leave your application and tell us a bit about you.

Give us some informations like:

your class, your level, your gear, your weapon, your jewellery, your pets, your timezone (or where do you live), your core gaming times (in server time), which events and activities you plan to attend and participate in, why you want to join us, how long you already play eso, about your eso history (which alliances have you been in), why you think we should add you, how you plan to improve in the next months, what your next goals are, and if you like, also add some personal stuff about yourself like name, age, gender, hobbies and what ever else comes into your mind.

You dont have to answer all of it, its just a suggestion. But the more you tell us, the easier it is for us to decide if we shall let you join or not.

After you made your post, we will start a poll. In general a poll takes about 24 hrs. It will only last longer if not enough members of our alli voted or if result is too close to call. One of the leaders of Equinox will pm you ingame and let you know our decision.

So do your post, be a bit more patient and in 1-2 days you maybe already joined us cheers

If you got accepted and joined us, please register at forum to stay informed about any news that are game related. Pls register only with your ingame name. And afterwards let me know ingame so i can verify and activate your account.

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